Ten Songs With No Music, Second Edition (with the correct original text)

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The second edition of Ten Songs with No Music by Munly J Munly 32nd˚ includes the "correct original text" of ten stories—expanded narratives of a selection of Munly's lyrics from his solo work & Slim Cessna's Auto Club albums. Within these pages, we meet a chanting young boy who is fond of spying and chokecherries; we find the twisted tale of Hollis Penn and a floating search for salvation; we learn of water, ash, and train rides; we meet a cartographer~statistician, who first met his father while exiting his mother; we read a story of the voices and powers within. This second edition features a new prologue from the author & all new illustrations by Rebecca Vera. 


Ten Songs With No Music
, Second Edition (with the correct original text)
By Munly J Munly 32nd˚
Illustrations by Rebecca Vera
ISBN: 978-1-7378571-3-6 (casebound, 2nd Edition)
Copyright © 2023 Munly J Munly 32nd˚ & Rebecca Vera
252 pages, November 2023