Döder Made Me Do It

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In Döder Made Me Do It, we accompany a young, special, unlikely hero through Lupercalia as he searches for Döder, a mythological antagonist who encourages children to commit heinous acts by whispering in their ears. We meet deer and bioluminescent gnats and turtles and goats, and we're invited to run, explore, hunt, sleep in trees, and create altars with our hero along the way. Filled with new illustrations by Rebecca Vera, symbols, and guidance—darkness and wit meet once again on the page in Munly J. Munly's imagined Lupercalia. This first edition is limited to 500 casebound copies. 


Döder Made Me Do It
By Munly J Munly 32nd˚
ISBN: 978-1-7378571-1-2 (casebound, 1st Edition)
Copyright © 2022 Munly J Munly 32nd˚ & Rebecca Vera
140 pages, September 2022